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by Mystery School

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released August 1, 2012

All songs written, recorded, performed and produced by Jhonny Russell. Artwork by Jhonny Russell. for more info.



all rights reserved


Mystery School QLD, Australia

one man band from Queensland, Australia. Synths, Guitar and Drum Machine.

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Track Name: Ascended Masters
"if you could shrink your body while expanding your mind,
like star tetrahedrons rotating combined...."
Track Name: My Spaceship
i built my self a spaceship one afternoon
don't want to be a citizen no more
watch the earth float just like a balloon
filled with everything i thought i knew before
i looked out my window and i knew

Among The Stars Is Where I'm Gonna Stay

i built myself a spaceship one afternoon
now a million stars light up my way
no destination but i'd better get there soon
this jet fuel won't last another day

Among The Stars Is Where I'm Gonna Stay
Track Name: Planets
"planets come together and planets pull apart,
these ocean tides are restless and they're playing with my heart"
Track Name: Playing God
taking time and tricking sheep
they're working while you lay asleep
just to show you
how well they can control you

they're Playing Your God

they own you
they control you

fixed in time
these thoughts of mine
while our hands were tied
they built their bunkers the size of towns
under, underground

they're Playing Our God

they own you
they control you

there are many secret projects
lurking underground
most of which you'll never get to see
ashes to ashes and dust to dust
and i am calling out your bluff
and i don't think that you're supposed to be..

...Playing My God

they own you
Track Name: The King Was A Killer
"thrown to the lions, falling into the mystical,
the king was a killer helping to conceal what's possible"
Track Name: Tesla Deathray
"all we need now is a tesla deathray"
Track Name: Banker's Dynasty
"i don't want a genocide,
i just wanna be alone again"
Track Name: Tales From The 7th Dimension
the 5th is a lightbody dimension
the 6th a blueprint of mankind
the 7th is that of pure expression
the 8th is our group mind

7 chakras of the body
7 virtues divine
7 parralel dimensions
7 rings that make a sign
7 tablets of creation
7 psychics of the mind
7 lands and 7 oceans
7 races of mankind

the 9th is the collective conscious extension
the 10th where Elohim reside
the 11th a point before creation
the 12th one that can't devide
Track Name: From Karma To Omega
"we could sail or we could rock the boat.......
we could burn or we could save his soul.."
Track Name: Funny Feeling
"we're not alone... we're not alone."
Track Name: The Secret Destiny
"there's a secret destiny, invisible, that's not been lost, in the winds and in the minds of cops.."
Track Name: The Deluge
oh god, i'm drowning
oh devil, think i'm done
It's in my lungs, in my eyes,
in my mouth, in my ears,
i can't breath, i can't talk,
i can't see, i can't hear,
i'm shedding my skin and leaving my body
can't tell the difference between the sea and the sky
please help now, oh, please tell me why
is this a dream i'm in?
am i destined to die?

floatin' in the water
developing a plan
slowing down the gravity below
and just like propaganda poetry
the wind picks up
but it's no relief
i'm still here drownin'
Track Name: Goodbye Moon
"just like the body of a pharaoh, an empty shell, departed,
we'd be lost without it though, it kinda leaves me brokenhearted"
Track Name: The Afterlife
"tiny little light, dancing in the night,
making it's way on home to the afterlife"